In my opinion, no discipline is as comprehensive in nature as the study of firearms. No other art, science, or pastime trains the mind and body in a more generalized way than the practice of shooting things.

For instance, in my relatively short time studying the different shooting disciplines, I’ve had to glance at, if not study in depth, the following topics:

Trigonometry (triggernometry?)


Basic ballistic mathematics/physics





Basic machining


Natural Law



Military history


And all of these various topics can be tied together nicely by the Gun.

Furthermore, self-control, patience, discipline, awareness, and the synergy of mind/body can all be developed from the practiced use of firearms. And a healthy, fit shooter is a better shooter; shooting uniquely binds physical exercise and mental studies together.

I have yet to find an application in shooting that requires the research of life sciences, with the exception of human kinetics; information gained from how and why the physiological body interacts with inanimate objects is extremely useful to the shooter.

My point isn’t that shooting is the study of everything on the planet, but rather that if you study shooting long enough, you will cover a diversity of topics in concert that do not normally converge.

The distinct act of shooting is a deep and challenging art in and of itself, and is a skill that can never truly be mastered.

Guns have tied me to my past, and they preserve my future.

To study shooting, is to study nearly everything.