Chronographing PMC XP193out of a 14.5“M193-spec” ammunition is available from many ammo manufacturers, and is quite popular. I like the higher velocities that the M193 clones bring from shorter barrels as compared to M855, in addition to its greater inherent potential for precision. Despite the round’s popularity, I had trouble finding velocities posted online for PMC XP193 loads out of a 14.5″ barrel. Chrono time.

As you can see from the below photo, it was fairly humid out. We’ve had record amounts of rain in North Texas recently (check out the berm damage), and I got tired of waiting for a dry day. The chronograph was set approximately 4′ away from the muzzle, and standard PMC XP193 was used.

pmc xp193 velocity

M193 (PMC XP193)¬†velocities out of 14.5″ barrel:

  1. 2892
  2. 2879
  3. 2855
  4. 2892
  5. 2879
  6. 2911
  7. 2904
  8. 2879
  9. 2879
  10. 2911

This gave me an average of 2,888 feet per second with M193 out of the 14.5″ BCM barrel, with a standard deviation of 17.5 and extreme spread of 56.¬†This was for 10 shots.