glock 19 shooting

Four index cards, five shots each. Ignore the orange dots and random shots. Seven yards, Gen4 G19 with Kyle Defoor irons. Xtreme 147s, over a minimum charge of ancient 700x. No drawing. timers or anything fancy, just shooting.

The first card of five shots, I just tried to remember how to shoot a pistol. Most of my shooting recently has been rifle.

The second card didn’t go as well. I lost my grip tension, which caused my trigger control to go away… two shots on the card, three misses.

The third card was really weird. After the first three shots, I fired what felt and sounded like a squib (and definitely was a miss). Stripped everything down, nothing stuck in the bore. No clue what happened. Last shot for that card was a hit.

Finally, everything came together on the last card. I wasn’t running the timer, but it was fast. It felt great. I might try again tomorrow, but with a timer.


I think one of the biggest breakthroughs in my handgunnery recently has been with my grip. I’ve been hamstringing the process by gripping the pistol properly all the way up to the trigger break, at which point I relax. This causes all sorts of problems with recovery, trigger reset, sight movement, etc.

If I consciously grip the gun well (from the toes up) and then switch that conscious focus to the trigger once everything is in place, everything just works much better. I’m figuring out what I need to be programming into the subconscious mind during dry fire.

Hopefully it won’t be such a process once I get a few reps in.


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