I purchased this gun because of the spec sheet and price tag.

  • Three lug, 70 degree bolt
  • Free floating hammer forged barrel
  • Adjustable trigger
  • Pillar bedding
  • Side bolt release
  • Removable rotary mag
  • Aesthetics
  • ~$400 (mine was $375 delivered to my dealer)

Ok, my main premise is that the Ruger American isn’t any worse than a “higher end” gun. By higher end, I mean things like factory rifles under $1,000, like the Remington SPS series, Savage rifles, etc. Typically what people buy before they start getting into custom guns, etc.

Here are the facts. Free floating barrel. Aluminum pillar bedding. 

With those two features, how can it NOT shoot decently? Modern guns are actually pretty good, even the cheapest ones. 

Add in the full body 70 degree bolt and the other things, and it just seems to be hitting way out of its league. 


First impressions look good. Ruger shipped as advertised, nothing out of the ordinary. Plan for now is to start feeding it a steady diet of M80 ball and some nicer handloads.

Glock shooting will remain unaffected.


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