As often as it is convenient to do so, I want to start making cold bore shots on an IDPA-shaped target with the Ruger Predator 308 and ZQI ammunition.

I like the idea of taking a budget hunting rifle and budget ammo and seeing what the day-in and day-out practicality is.

If you think about it, most shots taken with this type of rifle are going to be from a cold bore. Whether pressed into service as a “hunting” rifle, or as a hunting rifle, multiple shot strings are not going to be super likely.

So, here’s the first one. Shot from prone with a rear sandbag and bipod at 200 yards:

ruger american cold bore 1

I dialed 2MOA on the scope, like JBM Ballistics calls for. I’m using a guesstimated velocity for the ZQI until I can find a chronograph to borrow. Wind was present, but not enough to matter.


My hold point was in the center of mass for the body portion. The shot impacted within a few inches of that point, so that was good.

My plan is to just use this same target for all of my cold bore test shots. That way I can mark each shot with a sharpie and get a general idea of my average first shot performance in field positions.


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