If a picture is worth a thousand words, this video will be worth a lot more. Obviously a lot to work on.

ruger american cold bore 9

This shot was just as high as yesterday’s. And I figured out why.

When I installed the brake and rezeroed after removing/installing the barreled action, I didn’t reset the turrets.

Then, I shot at 200. And forgot to come back down.

The next day, I dialed back “up” to 200. Which put me at 8 total minutes of elevation, without realizing it.


All of this could have been avoided if I hadn’t been lazy, and had reset the turrets right away.

I assumed I would remember to come down and up the correct number of clicks. I assumed wrong.

I suppose the good news is that if I hadn’t made such a rookie mistake, #8 and #9 would have been right in with the rest.

This is exactly the type of reason I wanted to do a 20 shot average group on 20 different days.


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