ruger american cold bore 11

For cold bore shot #11 out of 20, I decided to sprint the 200 yards to put the target up, sprint 200 yards back, and then take the shot with an elevated heart rate under a timer. Position was kneeling, with the support of a sandbag on the cut off 4×4 posts at the range.


Miss, in 7.94 seconds.  Right as the trigger broke, the crosshairs jumped into the right hand side of the target, and the shot went wide.

Had I been shooting ammo that does better than 4MOA, it may very well have been a hit. But I suppose there’s no way of knowing that.  No excuses.

Before I walked down to retrieve the target, I tried some offhand, dismounted snap shots at 100 yards on a 10″ steel plate. With the AR15 and Aimpoint, I can usually keep hits under 2 seconds without much trouble. Most of the time under 1.5.

With the Ruger and the fixed 10X scope, my two separate shots came in at 4.12 and then 2.33. Both hits on the plate, one much faster than the other.

Hopefully I can get it down to around a second. That’s useful for lots of things.


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