After discussing my B-8 adventures with a friend, he sent me this video from Funker Tactical. It’s five-and-a-half minutes of Rob Leatham layin’ down the truth about pistol marksmanship.

I’m sharing it because 1.) Rob Leatham is is awesome and 2.) It confirmed nearly all of my random thoughts from my last post. He says it in a way that only decades of experience can summarize, so you should definitely check it out. Bullet point summary of the video:

  • Everything you know is almost certainly wrong.
  • Learn to pull the trigger without moving the gun. Not even a little bit. Don’t even need a target to practice this.
  • Until you can do that, aiming is meaningless. What does aiming do if you throw the gun around right before you fire the shot?
  • Focusing on aiming is pointless until you can fire the gun without moving it.
  • Safety and stuff.
  • He goes through his process for teaching new shooters.
  • You’re not missing because you’re jerking the trigger. You’re missing because you’re moving the gun.
  • To shoot fast, you’re going to have to jerk the trigger. Learn do do it without moving the gun.
  • He shoots fast and accurately.
  • 30% focus on visual, the rest on feeling the trigger.
  • The shot will be good if your visual is ok, and you make the gun shoot without moving it.
  • Three things to do: Hold the gun tight. Point gun at target. Pull trigger as fast as you can without moving. That is the secret to shooting.
  • He does that. Of course it’s impressive.
  • Precision and and speed shooting have different processes.
  • Most of shooting has to do with gripping, and how that influences your trigger pull. How motionless can you make the gun?


Of course, Aiming Isn’t Useless. But you actually do have to aim. And jerking the gun around right before you pull the trigger is the opposite of aiming. But you probably knew that. As Mr. Leatham says in the video, “It’s that simple, it’s just not easy to do.”


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