hornady match 308 10 shot group

I’m alive. Still shooting nearly everyday, and at least thinking about blogging everyday. Ruger American Predator continues to impress. Shot a 10 round group at 100 yards with factory 308 Winchester Hornady 168 grain Match, to get a solid zero for some longer range shooting.

Prone, Harris in the front and sandbag in the back. It was about 50 degrees out, not much wind. SWFA SS 10×42.

Extreme spread was 1 3/8″ on the Y axis, and 1″ on the X axis. The low one was definitely pulled. Didn’t have a natural point of aim, was fighting the rear sandbag and bipod. Took the shot anyway. Oh well. Without that one, the other 9 are packed into an inch on the nose. Ignore the “flier” if you want, but the group measures what it does.

So yes, the Ruger Predator can shoot.


Plan is to take the rig to 600. We shall see.


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