ruger american 650 yards

13″ cardboard disc at 650 yards with the Ruger Predator and Hornaday Match 168’s. Dialed in 19.75MOA on the SS, and held on the right edge of the disc for the slight breeze.

I shot from the standing position, braced against a steel fence with horizontal slats. This is the photo I based my position on:

Caylen Wojcik, of Magpul Dynamics.  Not Me. Photo from Google image search. Caylen Wojcik, of Magpul Dynamics.

A few notes on this position: It is extremely solid. The sling tension on your tricep tightens and supports the rear end of the gun nearly as much as a sandbag, and putting your body weight into the bipod locks things down even further.

I was able to lock the reticle down so solidly that my natural point of aim became a very noticeable component of the position. I HAD to naturally be pointing at the target (adjustable via foot positioning), or it was hard to wiggle my way over to it!


Wojcik is known for making incredible hits at distance from unconventional positions. I’ve always sort of looked at anything other than bipod prone with a sandbag to (almost) be a game of luck, but what if that’s not necessarily the case?

What if there was a sort of “philosophical absolute” involved when building positions with a precision rifle? How would it change the way I think about shooting in weird spaces if I believed that there would always be a solution, no matter what?

And that finding a solid position is only limited by my skill and technique with a sling, bipod, sandbag and surroundings? All that matters is your reticle/sight wiggle is smaller than your intended target, right? Just like when shooting the G19 at 25 yards.

Makes one sorta want to practice a bit.

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