SR-1 target

Score: 90

What I did right: Executed fundamentals.

What I did wrong: Pulled the trigger one time when the dot wasn’t on the black.

What I want to focus on next time: Establishing a solid par time to try and improve on.

Much like the 25 yard B8 shooting that I’ve been doing with the Glock, I want to establish some type of standard to work towards with my rifle. I figure the SR-1 highpower target is a good starting point.

I shot this today at 100 meters, with my BCM 14.5″ carbine and Aimpoint PRO. Ammunition was Winchester White Box. Position was magazine prone, no sling support. Drill was shot cold, with no warm up (like everything I post, incidentally).

It went well, except for one shot where I got in a hurry on the trigger and sent it low. I think I’ll put one click of right windage on the scope and call it good.

I’m not too concerned about rifle shooting (pistol skills are much more applicable to my day-to-day), but I still want to stay sharp. I’m ok starting this drill out on a timer, since the skills for a 90+ are already there. Handgun is still a work in progress.

Time to push it.

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