SR-1 target

Score: 93, fired at 100 meters.

What I did right: Put the dot on the target and pressed the trigger.

What I did wrong: No sense of urgency.

What I want to focus on next time: Finally putting a timer on this drill, with the goal of maintaining a score of 90 or better.


Well, I didn’t do any more sling experimentation today. I duplicated yesterdays position, except without any sling tension. I also pushed the rifle forward against the 4×4 post, against the magazine, instead of pulling back. Group returned to the same size as when shot from magazine prone.

It’s almost like there are two different groups present, one high and one low. Together, they are about the same size as the black bull. Perhaps a smaller target would provide a smaller hold point, and smaller groups as a result? I’m pretty sure this target is meant to be used with irons, not an Aimpoint.

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