SR-1 Target

Score: 91

What I did right: Everything.

What I did wrong: Chrono errors.

What I want to focus on next time: Finally putting a timer on this drill.


Since I ran out of the Winchester white box ammo, I loaded up some test practice ammo. PMC cases, 26.0 grains of Ramshot TAC, Winchester Primers, and a 62 grain PPU FMJBT bullet. No timer, as I wanted to chrono these and see how close they are to actual M855. Chrono didn’t pick up any of the 10 shots (sun wasn’t high enough), so that didn’t work.

I think the load is fine as-is, though. Shoots pretty close to a 55 grain factory load, and is fairly economical. I’ll probably put a few clicks of left windage on the Aimpoint to rezero.

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