SR1 target

Score: 91

Time: 24.33 from beep to final shot. Beginning with safety on, in a low-ready standing position.

What I did right: Shot above a 90, and recorded a base time.

What I did wrong: Sloppy position building when going into supported kneeling, which cost time.

What I want to focus on next time: Getting into a better position, faster. While Decreasing split times.


First shot happened at 7.64, which seems like a long time. I want to reduce that number above all else in this drill. After the shooting started, splits average out to 1.67. I’m pretty happy with that, but I think it can be improved. My tempo definitely increased towards the end of the string.

Above all, I want to keep the score above 90. Not really interested in being fast without any precision attached to it.

So, I tentatively want to set a sub-twenty second goal for 10 shots at 100 meters, on an SR-1 target, from the low ready into any supported position. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

14.5″ carbine with dot, of course.

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