SR1 target

Interestingly, my 200 meter groups are about the same size as my 100 meter groups. Ignore that one on the left…

Same target, but it looks half as big at 200 through the Aimpoint. Few minor adjustments and I’ll be in the black. Once I’m on here, I want to check at 50 meters and see what it looks like.

For those wondering, ammo is a 62 grain FMJBT from PPU, loaded over once fired PMC brass with Ramshot TAC and a Winchester Primer. 14.5″ non-free floated BCM, with an Aimpoint PRO.

Saw some whitetail in the woods around the range. So that was cool.


Score: N/A

What I did right: Built a solid position, kneeling with artificial support. Great breathing control, solid trigger work.

What I did wrong: Noticed I’m blinking as each shot breaks. That’s probably a flinch in less-than-ideal positions.

What I want to focus on next time: Keeping my eyes open, not flinching.

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