AR15 offhand shooting

When I’m at the range, I try to be respectful of other shooters and their priorities. I normally arrive so early that nobody else is there, do my thing, and then leave. Today, there was an older gentleman shooting on the rifle range.

Rather than ask for a cease fire so I could put up a 200 meter target, shoot 10 rounds, then cease fire again to retrieve the target, I opted to see where the gun prints at 25 yards on the pistol bays. This was convenient because it’s the same place I shoot the B-8s with the Glock.

I just drew sharpie dot for an aiming point, the SR-1 is way too big at 25 yards.

Position was standing, with my left elbow tucked against my side, and the stock toe sitting up near my right collarbone. The “traditional” service rifle standing position. No time limit.

Group size measured 2″x2.25″ (8MOA ish), slightly low. That’s to be expected with a 200 meter zero at this distance, no worries. Is this a good group? I don’t know, I don’t shoot offhand nearly enough.


Score: N/A

What I did right: Natural point of aim, decent trigger control.

What I did wrong: Breathing was all over the place.

What I want to focus on next time: Putting a timer on things? Can’t think of much to change, other than better breathing.

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