Today was significantly overcast, and this provided very even lighting conditions over the whole of the range. It was more difficult to make out the black bull of the SR-1 target at 200 meters, which is already very difficult to distinguish with the zero magnification of the Aimpoint.

I have a feeling that ambient light conditions can significantly influence your POI. Today was definitely harder to line things up, thanks to the muted light.

If I thought about it too hard, it was easy to not have the dot on the black. Took several times to “reset” the point of aim prior to firing several of today’s 10 rounds. Three are very obviously to the left of the bull, the others aren’t bad. I went ahead and came a click right, we’ll see what that does tomorrow.


Score: N/A

What I did right: Solid position building. I don’t think I blinked as much in anticipation of the blast.

What I did wrong: Second guessed myself on where the dot was supposed to be. I think that’s why there are a few fliers.

What I want to focus on next time: Solid fundamentals.

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