Decided at the last minute to see where the AR-15 is shooting at 50 yards. My gun club has 25 meter, 50 yard, and 100 meter target boards… all on the same line. Who decides this stuff…

Anyway, I braced the carbine on a metal chair and fired 10 rounds from the kneeling position.

Even though it’s a 98, the gun clearly isn’t zeroed as good as it could be. Roland (of P&S) advises to take a sheet of paper and use it to visually divide the target it half. First vertically, then horizontally. When you have an equal number of rounds on either side of the paper in both orientations, the gun is zeroed.


Score: 98 (not that it means much at 50 yards)

What I did right: Fundamentals

What I did wrong: Can’t really think of anything…

What I want to focus on next time: We’ll see. Might try some speed stuff, now that I know where the gun is shooting inside of 100.


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