Same thing as yesterday. Goal of getting 10 in the black, at 10 yards, in 2.5 seconds.

I knew that today would be slower. If my brain knows that yesterday was too fast, it’s going to throttle back no matter how fast I try to go.

Today’s total time was 4.20, with a first shot at .91 and splits between .20 and .48. My first five shots had the slower split times, and are the five in the 10 ring. I knew I had to go faster, and that’s when things started to spread out.

I did remember to aim high to compensate for the dot offset.


Score: 5/10 in the black.

What I did right: Started out slow enough to get hits, and had a sub-second first shot time.

What I did wrong: Focused too much on speed, and making the time. I didn’t pay attention to where the dot was, and just pulled the trigger.

What I want to focus on next time: Working on an even cadence. I’m guessing .30ish is going to be the sweet spot for my current abilities.


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