This was kind of a dumpster fire. First shot (from the low ready, safety on) was a .79, with a 2.88 total time. Splits were all in the teens, with a .43 outlier.

As soon as the first shot left the black, my focus zeroed in on the errant bullet hole… which caused focus to shift away from holding the dot at the top of the black.

Things got worse, and I jammed up the trigger (causing the .43 split) when everything splattered off the paper.

Aimpoint PRO on the BCM 14.5 carbine, of course.


Score: 3/10 in the black.

What I did right: Great first shot time.

What I did wrong: Started looking at how the shots weren’t going in the right places, rather than keeping the dot at the top of the black.

What I want to focus on next time: Keeping the dot at the top of the black, no matter what.


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