Clicking in. Everything went very, very well today. First shot from the low ready with the safety on clocked in at .67 seconds, a new PR. Total time of 2.14 seconds, all splits between .15 and .19 seconds.

Same drill as the last few days. 10 yards, 10 rounds SR-1 center and the BCM 14.5 carbine.


Score: 7/10

What I did right: Just let the subconscious mind do its thing. I used to do this type of drill way more often, and getting back into it had me overthinking. I think.

What I did wrong: Can’t really think of anything. Sure, three rounds didn’t make it into the black. But they weren’t that far off. And they went vertical, instead of horizontal.

What I want to focus on next time: Anything but this, as a matter of fact. I’m out of plinking 5.56. Back to the Ruger Predator it is.


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