10@25: 83? Hard to tell, ran out of actual B-8s and had to use an Aimpoint zero target. But it looks like about an 83.
The Test: 6.27, 83.
FASTest: 2.14/2.73/5.68/5.99/6.27/6.53. +1 penalty points, for 7.53 total.
5 rounds strong hand only: 7 yard 3×5 card, no time limit. 3 hits, still high on the misses.
5 rounds weak hand only: 7 yard 3×5 card, no time limit. 3 hits, still high misses.
Remaining rounds from box of 50 shot into the B-8 from The Test to observe grip tension variations.

I’m terrible about keeping fresh B-8 centers around. Hold was the bottom of the black circle on the Aimpoint target. It’s almost like there are two different groups: One in the middle, one stringing off to the side. It’s a mystery…

FASTest head shots were great, both rounds touching right in the middle of the card. I’d be in great shape if I could shave a second off both the reload and the draw.

Still shooting high with the single hand shooting.

Dumped the rest into The Test target, just watching the gun.

Pretty good week.

This is what my current drills work on, when I follow the schedule:

  • Pure marksmanship
  • Speed (with a doable accuracy goal)
  • Drawing from concealment with accuracy to a small target, reload from concealment, come back from reload with emphasis on speed
  • Strong hand only shooting
  • Weak hand only shooting
  • Target transitions
  • Movement/entering new shooting positions

All from a single box of 50 rounds, cold, with no warm up. But lately I haven’t been doing the last two.