Drills are run cold, in this order:

Five day average score for 10 shots on an NRA B-8 repair center at 25 yards: 87.

Five day Average time/score for The Test: 5.12 seconds, score of 86.

Five day Average FASTest: 8.19 seconds.

Pretty decent week, overall. I want to try to do these as a summary of what got done, and so that I can set a “theme” to focus on for the next week.

Next week’s theme is going to be a crush grip on everything. It’s something that got ignored a little bit over the past five days. If sights and trigger work suffer a bit because of it, I’ll be ok with that.

A crush grip (for most things) has to be built into the subconscious mind one way or another. Dryfire in the same theme will help.

The daily drills that make up these average times are over in the Pistol Marksmanship section, if you’re interested in the day-to-day business of getting better.