10@25: 84
The Test: 5.81, 85.
FASTest: 2.12/2.93/5.64/5.92/6.15/6.37 +2 penalty points for a head miss, 8.37 total.
5 rounds strong hand only: 7 yard 3×5 card, no time limit. 1 hits, still high on the misses.
5 rounds weak hand only: 7 yard 3×5 card, no time limit. 1 hit, still high misses.
Used up the remainder of the box on single shots to an index card at 7 yards, from concealment:

  • 2.97 miss
  • 2.02 hit
  • 2.00 miss
  • 2.08 miss
  • 2.20 hit
  • 1.95 miss
  • 1.91 hit
  • 1.64 hit
  • 1.84 hit
  • 1.85 hit
  • 2.15 hit
  • 1.86 miss
  • 1.94 hit
  • 1.81 hit

Nothing unusual on the B-8, save for the super high shot. Haven’t slipped that badly in a long time. Knew it as soon as it happened, grip was loose. Hard to walk down and see that, after the progress made.

FASTest resulted in one head miss, but it was close. Nearly chipped the lower edge of the card.

Still confused by single hand shooting. The groups are definitely tight enough to be well within the IDPA down-zero zone, but the index card eludes me.

Since my first shot draws from concealment are still right around 2 seconds, I decided to use the rest of the daily ammo┬áto work on that. A 3×5 card at 7 yards still has a decent margin of error, but you have to get on the sights to make any kind of a hit.

Getting your grip before the gun leaves the holster is super important. And the closeness of the target really makes you want to ignore the sights. Like a lot of this, getting the process down and then getting your brain to follow it is key.

This is something I want to get down to around 1.5 seconds, 100% of the time.

This is what my current drills work on, when I follow the schedule:

  • Pure marksmanship
  • Speed (with a doable accuracy goal)
  • Drawing from concealment with accuracy to a small target, reload from concealment, come back from reload with emphasis on speed
  • Strong hand only shooting
  • Weak hand only shooting
  • Drawing from concealment to a small target.

All from a single box of 50 rounds, cold, with no warm up. But lately I haven’t been doing the last two.