10@50: N/A
The Test: 6.55, 85.
FASTest: Something went wrong with the timer, don’t know the time. Missed one headshot.
5 rounds strong hand only: 7 yard 3×5 card, no time limit. Four hits.
5 rounds weak hand only: 7 yard 3×5 card, no time limit. Two hits.
Rest of the box was used on experimenting with grip tension.

Figured I would try a 10 round B-6, since somebody left some targets up at the 25 yard line. The B-6 is designed to be shot at 50 yards, so I moved to the rifle range and stapled it up.

Two rounds completely missed the cardboard backer, not sure where they went. The entire group is… stringing high. What a surprise.

Something odd happened with the timer during the FAST. It beeped, but didn’t record any shots. One head miss.

I’m getting much better at recovering from single hand shots and getting back down on the card. It feels like a more “manual” process than when shooting with two hands. Still always missing high. I would like to note that the “misses” are still well within the scoring zones of an IDPA down-zero zone, but I want to do better.

Finally, more with grip tension. Grip is so important.

This is what my current drills work on, when I follow the schedule:

  • Pure marksmanship
  • Speed (with a doable accuracy goal)
  • Drawing from concealment with accuracy to a small target, reload from concealment, come back from reload with emphasis on speed
  • Strong hand only shooting
  • Weak hand only shooting
  • Drawing from concealment to a small target.

All from a single box of 50 rounds, cold, with no warm up.