Nikon X1000 BLACK tracking

No pistol drills today, spent the morning checking the tracking on a new Nikon precision rifle scope: The BLACK X1000 4-16x50SF .

You’ll have to wait for my full review on the blog, but I will say that I was very impressed with the tracking and repeatability of the turrets. It went much better than I expected.

Tracking was tested on a large target board with target dots spaced out a regular mil intervals, and the scope secured via a solid, albeit crude, fixture. This was the first time I’ve checked reticle tracking this way, and I’m sold.

It’s very easy to see what the scope is doing while you rotate the turrets, and you don’t have to waste ammo or introduce shooter error with a traditional box test.

I’ll construct a more polished test fixture, because I can see doing this to a lot of scopes in the future.

Update: The Nikon BLACK X1000 4-16x50SF review was posted over at 1-800 Guns and Ammo. Spoiler alert: Tracking was flawless. Very nicely done, Nikon.