10@25: 86
The Test: 7.19, 88.
FASTest: Timer error again. Missed one headshot.
5 rounds strong hand only: 7 yard 3×5 card, no time limit. Zero hits.
5 rounds weak hand only: 7 yard 3×5 card, no time limit. Five hits.
Rest of the box was used on experimenting with grip tension.

Back in the saddle for the week. One dropped shot at 25 ruined a great chance at a 90, and The Test had a couple wild ones that got away from me.

Something may be wrong with my timer, it’s displaying 30+ seconds for drills that definitely aren’t taking that long. I know I don’t have the greatest FAST time, but c’mon.

Still shooting high strong hand only. Great groups… just high. Weak hand only went very well, though.

Final rounds were spent just trying to shoot previous bullet holes at 7 yards, while increasing grip and wrist tension. I wish I had some kind of epiphany, but today was just another day at the range.

This is what my current drills work on, when I follow the schedule:

  • Pure marksmanship
  • Speed (with a doable accuracy goal)
  • Drawing from concealment with accuracy to a small target, reload from concealment, come back from reload with emphasis on speed
  • Strong hand only shooting
  • Weak hand only shooting
  • Drawing from concealment to a small target.

All from a single box of 50 rounds, cold, with no warm up.