For the first time ever, there was another shooter in my usual bay this morning. The nerve…

Anyway, I moved to the sunny bay. I was interested to see if smoking the sights would help reduce the vertical shift I’ve seen from a back-lit target.

It appears that it does. The group still trends high, but not nearly as high as usual with the sun rising behind the target. 8/10 in the black.

10@25: 87
The Test: 6.51 seconds, no score
FASTest: 1.64/2.09/5.46/5.88/6.20/6.51. Clean.
5 rounds strong hand only: 7 yard 3×5 card, no time limit. Three¬†hits.
5 rounds weak hand only: 7 yard 3×5 card, no time limit. Four hits.
Rest of the box was used on single shot draws to a 3×5 card, at 7 yards:

  • 1.73 miss
  • 1.55 miss
  • 1.62 hit
  • 1.62 miss
  • 1.73 hit
  • 1.57 hit
  • 1.59 miss
  • 1.52 miss
  • 1.66 hit
  • 1.53 miss
  • 1.48 hit
  • 2.52 hit
  • 1.57 miss
  • 1.49 hit

The two high shots at 25 yards were once again caused from grip relaxation. It takes a lot of focus for me to keep everything in line.

The Test was terrible today. Grip wasn’t good, sights were all over the place. Just a bad run.

FAST was great, with a clean 6.51. That’s good enough for an “Advanced” ranking, although we all know I can’t do that on demand quite yet. A 3.37 second reload from concealment is terrible. I know it’s the #1 thing to work on right now to pick up time.

Single hand shooting. It be what it do.

50% hit rate on my single shots from concealment, on a 3×5 card. I didn’t dry fire last night. It always goes better when I dry fire the night before. Perhaps that’s a clue.


This is what my current drills work on, when I follow the schedule:

  • Pure marksmanship
  • Speed (with a doable accuracy goal)
  • Drawing from concealment with accuracy to a small target, reload from concealment, come back from reload with emphasis on speed
  • Strong hand only shooting
  • Weak hand only shooting
  • Drawing from concealment to a small target.

All from a single box of 50 rounds, cold, with no warm up.