Because I didn’t get out to the range yesterday, I shot 100 rounds instead of the usual 50. Started out with the above 10 at 25 yards, as usual. Since I bumped the sights, I’ve been seeing way more misses to the right. Might be a clue.

Somebody left a clean, standard BC-27 target up at the 25 yard line over the weekend. I almost never shoot “people targets” (at least while I’m working on strict accuracy), so I figured I would try some concealed draws for time at 25 yards.

One whole magazine of 15 rounds went into the (rather generously sized) 9-ring on the BC-27 in 20.21 seconds, from concealment. Five shots into the head took 7.98 seconds, again from concealment. This seems pretty good to me, but I’m not aware of any standards drills on this target.

Remaining rounds out of today’s hundred were fired into an official Aimpoint zeroing target at distances from 5-15 yards. I’m experimenting with the thumb pressure thing, and may have figured something out.

I’ve fought for months to keep my grip from slipping around during long strings of quick shots. Usually what happens is my support thumb falls off the frame, and I have to reposition everything. Recently, I’ve just been starting out with my thumb already “fallen off” and braced against the side of the trigger guard where it meets the frame.

Combined with locking my strong hand thumb over my support hand, this technique seems to have largely eliminated shifting. It allows a solid grip, without interfering with trigger manipulation.

And speaking of trigger manipulation, I’m finding much better results if I throw the reset motion all the way out during recoil, and prepare the trigger on the way back down. Pinning the trigger takes too much time as I refine the prep.