Incredible rainfall on Monday closed the road to the range, had a holiday on Tuesday, more rain yesterday. Today’s the first day I’ve been out to the range in almost a week, so it was a good little break to see what kind of skill retention I’ve got. Just barely broke out a 91, which I’m happy with. First three shots went high, so I put a gap between the sight and bull. Worked out pretty well after that. Full sun but with the target in the shadows.

I put the remaining 40 rounds into a B-8 center at 10 and 15 yards, with splits around the .50-.55 mark. Only 5 rounds sneaked out of the black, and they were all high in the 8 and 7 rings.

As of late, 99% of my misses have been because I don’t wait on the sight to come back down. It’s an easy fix, just requires a bit of self control.