Kind of a weird 10@25 today. Group started out trending left, until I pushed more finger in the trigger. I think I need to bounce the rear sight just a smidge back to the right. If I put enough finger on the trigger to move the group to the middle, it’s just a bit too far of a reach. At least I managed to keep them all on the sheet of paper.

Worked on defining my split times a bit more. At 10 yards, I put 30 rounds into a B-8 nine ring at .50 to .58 splits. Moving up to 5 yards, I hung on to .20 to .26 splits for the final 10 shots of the day. A few of those dipped low out of the black, but not by much.

It’s amazing what happens if you establish a grip that doesn’t slip, and then just focus on watching the sights and deftly working the trigger to and then past the breaking point. It isn’t complicated, but it sure it’s easy.