Pretty decent 10@25 to start the day. Just narrowly missed out on my long term goal of getting “all 10 in the black”. It’ll happen soon, I’m certain. I did tap the sight a fraction over to the right since yesterday. It could stand to come a fraction back to the left, it seems.

One thing I’ve started to notice is that I’ll have six or seven rounds in a nice 3″-4″ group, then random fliers.

Sun was partially obstructed by clouds today. I could have held with a bit of light between the black and the sight.

Hammered out The Test in 7.54 seconds, with a score of 90. I’ll take it.

Found another leftover full-size B-27 target on the range, and figured I would do some more timed 10 round head shot strings at 25 yards.

  • String one: 10.15 seconds, two misses.
  • String two: 9.83 seconds, two misses.

Both missed shots on both strings were pushed slightly left. I’m ecstatic about the times, though. Sub-second splits at 25 yards, on a B-27 head? Awesome. Starting position was with the pistol pointing at the base of the target stand.

Finally, I put the last 10 rounds of the day into the head of a B-29 at three yards. B-29 targets are just a very scaled down version of the classic B-27 silhouette, and the head is pretty small. 10/10 hits, in 3.58 seconds from the low ready. Splits were in the .22 to .38 range.

I’ve really hit some kind of stride. Recoil doesn’t scare me anymore. It’s just a thing that happens. I’m learning to love it, because there is so much to be done during the recoil arc. Getting the trigger back out, keeping the grip solid, etc. I think this is just something that slowly happened over the past six months to a year, with consistent range time.

Averaging my last 10 B-8 targets gives me a score of 89. Each of those was shot at the start of each range session, at 25 yards, with no warm up save for two to three dry trigger presses. Slowly getting better…