Still managed to squeak out a 90 at 25 yards today, for 10 shots. I’ve noticed in the last week a much higher percentage of 10-ring hits, which I think has to do with the very precise hold afforded by letting a little light slip between the blade and bull.

Ran The Test twice today, just for fun.

  • 6.80 seconds, 92
  • 6.48 seconds, 95

Cracked the code on this one. For me, it’s about just keeping the front sight in the lower half of the B-8, and then letting the sights line up on the horizontal plane. 6.5 seconds doesn’t even seem rushed.

Final 20 rounds were spent at five yards, on the tiny little reduced B-27 that’s in the corner of the full sized targets. Treating it basically like a fast dot drill.

It occurred to me the other day that if I ever get back into IDPA, the targets are going to seem huge. My common 15 yard target is an index card. And 15 yards is considered a long shot at the local IDPA matches.