Just can’t seem to sneak ’em all in at 25 yards. First sub-90 score of the week though. Not a whole lot of thoughts on this today.

Did The Test three times today. Once on a B-8 center, and twice on a horizontal 3×5 card. All at 10 yards, with 10 shots and a 10 second par time.

  • B-8 Test: 4.06 seconds, dropped one into the eight ring and three far below the target. Just went too fast.
  • Index card Test: 6.12, five hits on the card. Again, too fast.
  • Index card Test: 8.17, nine hits on the card.

All it takes is slowing down just enough to see what needs to be seen. That’s all.

Final 10 rounds of the day were shot on a micro B-27 at about 7 yards, the little target up in the corner of a full size silhouette. Nothing really to note here.