Average for all of this week’s 25 yard B8 scores is 91, rounded up to the nearest point. No drills tomorrow, need to sight in the Ruger Predator. Each of these targets were shot first thing, cold, on a different day. No time limit imposed. Things are coming together, if a bit shakily.

For the last forty rounds of the day, I decided to run four repetitions of The Test, each on a horizontal 3×5 index card at 10 yards. Results:

  • 6.33 seconds, 5 hits
  • 7.65 seconds, 6 hits
  • 8.02 seconds, 2 hits
  • 8.53 seconds, 6 hits

All misses were high, just above the cards. Did the first two runs, then told myself to slow down. Didn’t really help. Pretty sure I was ignoring the rear sight, as usual.