Finally. After 170+ cold attempts with 10 shots at 25 yards, I finally landed the entire string in the nine ring yesterday. Standing, with a two hand hold and no support. No time limit, focusing purely on marksmanship.

Everything just lined up. Grip and trigger finger were all in the right spots. I wasn’t focused on the performance, only the process. And the process delivered.

Also posted in the front page category, for those who don’t check my pistol category. This was a long time goal that finally materialized!

To top off a great morning, I ran The Test a few times on a standard B-8:

  • 6.12 seconds, all in the 9 ring
  • 5.17 seconds, dropped three low out of the black
  • 5.76 seconds, all in the 9 ring

Final 10 rounds of the day were just dumped into the berm, while watching the sights. Ran out of targets.

Just a really great day, from a performance standpoint. It’s all coming together.