Yes, posting late again. Been a weird week.

Semi-frustrating 10@25. Just all over the map. Not a terrible score, though.

I did try the “Super Test”, which Bill Blowers and Ernest Langdon have been posting about lately. It’s just like the regular Test, except shot with 30 rounds instead of just 10, and at three different yardages. At 15 yards, you have a 15 second par time to shoot all 10 rounds of that string. 10 yards, 10 seconds. And at 5 yards, you have just five seconds to shoot all 10 rounds.

I scored a 270, and easily met all par times. Had nearly 5 seconds left over at 15 yards, and 8/10 actually went into the black.

Final 10 rounds of the day were fired on a normal “The Test”. Didn’t take note of the time, but it was under par and 14 points down.