Average of 91 for 10 shots fired each morning this week, cold at 25 yards. It’s really coming together, the things I need to do to shoot a good score are rapidly starting to become quite distinct. Ignore the goofy B-8 center, I think something is wrong with my $20 printer.

Also shot a really great Super Test today. Here are the times and scores for the individual distances, over 10 rounds each:

  • 15 yards: 6.70, 91
  • 10 yards: 4.92, 92
  • 5 yards: 3.07, 92

Total score of 275, coming in well under the par times for the drill. The 15 yard string really surprised me when I was done. All I was doing was prepping the trigger and firing, while trying to wait until a 6 o’clock hold happened. Looking at the timer afterwards was a real shock, I had to double check to make sure it had picked up all 10 rounds.