Dot Torture is a deceptively simple 50 round pistol drill, and considered part of the Drill Canon by many. I haven’t shot it before today, and figured since I’ve made a lot of progress with the 25 yard B-8 stuff I might as well give it a try.

Three yards is the recommended starting distance, but I put it up at five yards just because.

Conveniently, each dot has the instructions typed beneath it. I’ll just go through with general thoughts for each individual dot.

#1: No real surprises here. I would say that slow fire for accuracy is my strong point at this particular moment.

#2: Same thing as #1, just with a draw thrown in. No time limits on Dot Torture, it’s a marksmanship and manipulation drill.

#3/4: The first multi-shot string. No real surprises here, just took my time and got the hits.

#5: First single-hand dot. Anything cutting the black line counts, so my first miss. Four out of five isn’t bad for me, though.

#6/7: This is where things start to get interesting. My first shots from the draw were perfect, but the followup shots trended high. This matches what I’ve seen with all of The Tests that I shot. I was trying to go fast here (for no good reason) and just didn’t wait for the sight to come back into the notch. One more miss, very nearly two.

#8: Earlier in the year, when I was doing more weak hand only shooting, I noticed that it always went better than the strong hand only drills. Today was no different. My first three rounds on dot 8 were perfect. The final two, not so much.

#9/10: Only thing that happened here was I did a rookie “did I hit the target” glance on round #50, which went low. Oh well.

So, 45/50. 10% misses. Big takeaways: I know I need to work on single-hand shooting more, but it might not be as bad as I thought. Other than that, I just need to get some basic manipulations in dry fire under my belt (drawing, speed reloads, etc) and I think I’ll be ready to move it back to 7 yards soon.

Patience in secondary shots is going to be key. I also need to make sure to see two sight pictures for every shot.