Same drill as yesterday, in an attempt to correct what went wrong. For the most part, it went well, and I fixed some of the things that didn’t go quite right yesterday. But others issues cropped up.

#2: No clue why I swerved up and right at the last moment. Seems like I do something like that about once every 500-1000 rounds. I think it was a lack of stronghand support, while suddenly switching to a target focus.

#3: Again, target focus.

#5. Ignore the squiggled out line going to dot 8. Strong hand only remains troubling.

#8: Decent weakhand only performance, again. Not awesome, but better than stronghand.

I think one of the most challenging parts of this drill is proximity to the target. It just begs to be looked at, and it takes focus to stay on the sights. It’s a close drill, but plenty far enough to cause misses if you don’t do everything just right.