Three consecutive days of shooting a 45 at five yards… this is not an easy drill. Grease ring hits count in my book, and a few shots barely edged in there.

#5: Made it to the fifth dot before the first miss, which is a weakhand string. Feel pretty good getting four out of five in there. It helps to focus completely on the front sight, which takes the conscious mind away from the trigger pull.

#6: Next miss happened halfway through dot 6’s string. Just went too fast on the sights and trigger. No real reason, just pulled the trigger before things were lined up. It’s a patience thing I need to work through.

#8: Another narrow miss on dot 8. We’ll get there. I’m tempted to do a solid week of just single hand shooting, just to try to eliminate this problem.

#9/#10: Ok, so I’m nearly through shooting the drill, with 3 total misses down. Telling myself on the last two shots, “don’t mess it up, don’t mess it up…”. And I mess it up. Looked right at the target to see if I made the hits, while making the shots. It’s all mental.

There is a lot going on in this drill. It’s 50 rounds, and the further along you get, pressure builds to keep them in the dots. There’s no timer, and nobody else on the range, but the pressure is there.

I will figure this one out.