When I started this, I promised you would see everything. The good days, and the bad days. Today wasn’t one of the good days. No score, too many rounds were wild.

Conditions were rainy, but I went anyway. The above target is a result of not having enough finger on the trigger, and ignoring the front sight placement on the target.

I may bump the rear sight just a bit more. Having to consciously shift my grip to shoot a good group isn’t ideal, and I have the room in the sights. It’s not like I have to move it a massive amount anyway, just a few inches at 25 yards. I’ll shoot it another couple of days and see if I can get back on track. Perhaps this was just a bad day.

Remaining 40 rounds were spent trying to see what kind of splits I can get on a 2″ dot at 5 and 7 yards. Keeping them in the .70-.80 range wasn’t too hard at either distance, and I only missed six dots out of the 40.