I know that “wrist tension” is one of the areas of handgun marksmanship I understand the least. But I know it matters, and I believe it’s the cause of my vertical strings.

Some online research last night pulled this thread up from Pistol-Forum.com. I highly recommend reading it. It gave me some new things to play with in dry fire, which I then tried today in live fire.

Basically, I pointed the gun up and over the target, and the simply brought the sight down on the target while keeping the overall gun position high. This put a definite “set” into the gun presentation, stemming from the wrist. I don’t know if it was the cause of my generally high group today, or if it was just where I was holding on the target. But I tried it.

When I try new things, I notice that I tend to let my sight picture slip into a center hold. This is because I’m no longer concentrating on it. Our minds can only do one thing at a time.

I’m learning that this is a very perishable skill, at least at this stage. I took a week off from 25 yard practice to do Dot Torture drills, and you saw what yesterday’s target looked like.

Final forty rounds of the day were again on a Dot Torture target, at 7 yards, to check splits. Again, in the .70-.80 range, with the occasional .65. 15% miss rate at that speed, on 2″ dots.