Fired an 86 on yesterday’s 25 yard B-8, with eight of the ten in a two inch group at 9:00 on the edge of the 8/9 ring. I’ve been seeing issues with left-leaning groups, and that continued into today. Same general group size and location, but with high fliers and a score of 84.

I think something might have “settled” or changed in my grip. I’ve been shooting decent (sometimes amazing) groups, but they’re just not in the right spot. The question now: Do I change the sights, or hold out to see if the leftward trend is only temporary?

Yesterday, somebody left up some full size B-27 targets with clean heads. Of course, I had to try some timed drills:

  • 10 shots, 20.69 seconds from concealment: 5 head hits, 5 high misses.
  • 10 shots, 18.43 seconds from concealment: 4 hits, the rest went left.
  • 10 shots, 17.12 seconds from low ready: 7 hits, the rest were left. Started from the low ready to establish my grip and try to fix the left-hitting issues.

Wrapped up yesterday with The Test, score of 87 in 8.13 seconds.

Today, I just did three Tests after the B-8 stuff.

  • 8.16 seconds, 91.
  • 8.00 seconds, 94.
  • 6.11 seconds, 90.

Final 10 shots of the day just went into the berm, while watching the sights.

I’ve found that a big part of all this is learning patience through the trigger prep. Don’t break the shot until the sights are right, but do prep the trigger to that point. And a good grip simply enhances that process and speeds it up.