Ruger 22/45

I’ll be hanging up the Glock for the time being, at least as far as the daily drills go. Don’t worry, it’s still the carry gun.

My marksmanship skills have dramatically increased over the last five months, due largely to shooting a 10 shot string at 25 yards on a B-8 center every day. But buying a case of Speer Lawman every month adds up, and was really cutting into other projects (like centerfire rifle shooting). So I hatched a plan.

Instead of buying another case of 9mm Lawman, I’ve ordered 5,000 rounds of .22 LR. I now have enough rimfire ammunition on hand to shoot 50 rounds per day (weekdays only) until January 2018. This frees up the monthly ammo budget to pursue some other projects.

No, a .22 LR handgun is not going to provide the same general feedback as my G19. But what it does allow me to focus on is still very relevant:

  • Maintaining grip pressure throughout the shot
  • Sight alignment and how it relates to the trigger press
  • An isolated trigger press
  • Immediately releasing the trigger upon the shot breaking
  • And of course, 25 yard B-8 shooting

After a month, I’ll shoot the G19 again at 25 yards. If things have just completely fallen apart at that point, I’ll resume the practice schedule with Speer Lawman and put 4,000 rounds of .22 LR in the safe, to be used whenever I feel like it.

But if they haven’t, then I’ll be able to pursue some concepts with my AR-15 that are similar to what I’ve been doing with the Glock. And that could be very interesting.

This still isn’t a blog about gear, but everybody loves gun pictures. I’ll be using my old Ruger 22/45 that I’ve had for 10 or so years. It hasn’t gotten much use lately, but now that .22 ammo is “back” that can change. It’s just the basic target model, with a 5.5″ bull barrel and adjustable sights.

I’m excited to see what it can do at 25 yards. Back when I was shooting it regularly, I really didn’t know what I was doing. I do need to get some more magazines.

As for ammunition, I decided to give the Federal American Eagle 40 grain load a try. We’ll see how it does.

Side note, if I had been shooting .22 LR instead of buying Speer Lawman, I would have put 25,000 rounds through this pistol in 5 months. Just something to think about, as far as the dollars compare.

Ruger 22/45