ruger 22/45

Worked on zeroing the MKIII 22/45 at 25 yards today, with some random CCI that I had kicking around. This was the final 10 shot group, freehand while standing. If this is any indication, a score of 100 should be totally doable once I get it dialed in. Eight rounds went into a nice little 2.25″ group.

I have a theory: Rimfire practice in and of itself will not make a person a better shooter. Many times, rimfire pistols are recommended for training and practice because they are cost effective… as if shooting more will make you a better marksman. This isn’t true. Shooting more, while shooting CORRECTLY, will make you better.

Rimfire guns only allow you to practice at your current level, but for cheap. Lack of recoil makes it easier to tell if you are gripping/sighting/pulling right. But at the end of the day, it’s all still the same skills needed to make good scores with a centerfire gun.

If you don’t have those skills, swapping to a rimfire gun isn’t magically going to fix glaring issues with your technique.

Last year when I tried shooting a 25 yard B8 with this gun, it was a disaster. Actually, that was one of the last times I fired it prior to focusing on 9mm. Obviously, it’s a lot better now.

Shooting lots of 9mm made me a better .22 shooter. Is that how this is supposed to work?