Ruger 22/45

Sorry for the late post today, I was (of course) staring into the sun at lunch this afternoon, instead of writing. I apologize if I have burned my retinas to the point where shooting good groups is no longer possible. We’ll see. Or we won’t see. Because of blindness.

The first 25 yard group from my stash of 5,000 rounds went in the same general place as the random CCI’s I had on hand last week. I did come up and right a click or so before shooting today, and it brought everything more or less to the center.

There is no recoil, and the trigger is really light. But it’s still a real pistol, and subject the same rules as my G19. I know I”m just 50 rounds in to this part of the experiment, but shooting this gun is pretty zen. Nothing is masked by recoil. It’s easy to tell if my grip broke during the recoil process, or if the muzzle dipped.

The sights are good, they’re target sights. They look great underneath a B-8. I knew exactly what I did wrong on the shots that left the black today: looked at the target before the shot broke. Incidentally, I can’t see rimfire holes at 25 yards… so there is no point in looking. Maybe that will help cure my peeking problem.

I believe this gun will prove to be very instructional in my understanding of marksmanship. After 1,000 rounds, I will shoot a 10 shot group with the G19 at 25 yards and see if skill with that gun has deteriorated.

Also, I have a new goal: Shoot a 100 at 25 yards with the Ruger.