ruger 22/45

10@25 went well today. I did come up one click, and it doesn’t seem to have hurt anything. I was aware of dipping the rear of the gun down on the three that went high, in anticipation of the shot. It’s amazing how obvious mistakes are with this pistol, due to the lack of recoil and sight movement as the bolt works.

Focusing completely on the front sight and letting my subconscious mind handle the details allows me to ignore the coming recoil. Your conscious mind can only focus on one thing at a time. When I flinch, I’m not focusing on the right thing.

All American Eagle 40 grain .22LR rounds cycled the gun today, but with some noticeably under-powered shots. Several large sparks fly out the front of the gun when the weak ones fire. Jury is still out on this ammo, but I’ll probably try another brand when I burn through this 5k.

Final 40 rounds were on the Dot Torture target at five yards, in 10 round strings fired as fast as possible, one shot per dot:

  • 5.52 seconds, pulled the first shot low into dot 3.
  • 4.95 seconds, clean.
  • 4.32 seconds, pulled the first shot low into dot 3.
  • 4.46 seconds, clean.

Starting position was with the gun in hand, pointed at the base of the target. This was an attempt to begin introducing target transitions to my regular drill practice.

Another benefit to shooting rimfire targets at 25 yards: It boost the self-image third of my mental game. Every day I shoot a 90 or above, I imprint that it’s “like” me to do well. Read Lanny Bassham’s “With Winning in Mind” for more details on this, I highly suggest picking it up. It’s the bible for managing your mental game in sports performance.