Two posts in a day, aren’t you lucky? It seems that I’ve regressed in 9mm skill by about six months. This is the same place I used to be, shooting high at 25 yards. Fired 10 shots, but could only find 9. I think one went high, over the cardboard.

My guess is it comes back to locking the wrists out. At least, that’s what I was thinking when I fixed this the last time. Shooting a .22 well doesn’t require as much wrist tension as a 9mm.

So, let’s recap: I was shooting in the 90s every day with the G19, for 10 shots at 25 yards. Took a break, and picked up a .22 pistol to “practice marksmanship affordably”. After almost 1,000 rounds, I go back to 9mm, and have regressed. While shooting well with the .22.

I think that shooting a .22 pistol makes you really good at… shooting a .22 pistol. It’s probably good for working out certain concepts, but rimfire and centerfire are very different animals.

You can’t duplicate how you are going to react to a 9mm boom, without having a 9mm boom to deal with. If you want to get good at something, do that thing. Not a thing that’s similar to that thing.

The idea that you can get better at shooting a 9mm handgun by shooting a .22 pistol is a nice one, and sells both print magazines and guns, but I’m not entirely sure if it’s a real thing.

I’ll keep trying for a bit, but I think that the Great Rimfire Experiment is coming to a close.