Sorry for the lack of posts lately. We’re starting to get cooler weather, which means that the other guys at work are wanting to hit the range out back over lunch. I’m committed to posting about the day’s shooting until I have to stop shooting every day, but I will always choose trigger time over computer time.

That said, I have still been shooting in the mornings. I’m not going to go back and try to remember the day’s thoughts and “back-post” everything I’ve missed, so consider this an update. Rimfire 25 yard stuff is still the same. 25 yard strings of 10 rounds with the G19 are rapidly improving back to where they were prior to switching daily practice to the 22/45. Here are today’s targets:

Like I said, Glock 19 is getting back on track. 147s hitting right where they should, save for the high fliers.

This was the worst 50 rounds of American Eagle rimfire ammo yet. Two rounds were loaded without powder. You can see where they both impacted the target, very low. Many other rounds were clearly under powered. Several ignited with a pop, delay, then bang.

I won’t be buying any more. It’s terrible quality.